Este blog pretende dar una visión de la situación actual de mercados exteriores en distintos sectores a través de enlaces a artículos en revistas especializadas, vídeos y monográficos. Todos estos contenidos nos inspirarán en nuestra aventura por el mundo en búsqueda de nuevos negocios y mercados.

This blog aims to give a view of the situation in the current international markets in different sectors through posts and articles in specialized journals, videos and monographic contents which will inspire us in a new adventure around the world searching for new businesses and markets.

Feb 1
Feb 1

How to maximize your results at international fairs

The international fairs constitute a great channel for comercial promotion of products and services of any business in other markets or countries. They represent a forum that allows to know and establish a contact with potential clients, suppliers or collaborators as well as follow the sector trends and discover innovations. The participation in international fairs […]

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